View video on the 60% savings of LED lighting in a recent NRECA test here.

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Lektron is a true pioneer of LED lighting technology.  In 1995 Lektron was the first company in the world to produce an LED backlight solution for a major retail operation.  Lektron created an LED backlit fascia band replacing Fluorescents and Neon for Phillips Petroleum reducing electrical consumption by up to 90%, efficiency unheard of at that time.  Lektron opened a door to a technology that has changed the face of lighting forever on a worldwide scale. 

Lektron is rooted in LED Lighting innovation and has over 300 years of combined management staff experience in lighting technology and 100 years of combined management staff experience in LED lighting technology.  With over 25,000 major national and international LED projects Lektron has proven experience that is unmatched in the LED industry. 

LED lighting is the future, and we’re lighting the way.

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