“Here at BKC, there are few companies we trust to give our franchisees the level of service, quality, and attention that our system deserves.  As we continually evolve as a company, Lektron is there to support us and our franchisee system.  Their ability to meet the demand of large, time-sensitive projects, as well as our ever changing needs puts Lektron in the best-in-class category among our partners.” – Chris Mott – Director of Construction, Burger King

“Our company has had the strategic opportunity to form a business relationship with Lektron for 18 years now, and we are always enthralled with their work. Lektron’s people are insightful and customer oriented. I, along with other businesses, will confirm (bear witness) to the impending sense of urgency Lektron emits. Once Lektron has installed their product, we are pleased to know that their work stands stable and in working fashion. We are never concerned with service calls pertaining to their installations and this is why I believe it is a strategic business decision to have Lektron involved with our various projects. I’m waiting and hoping for this company to go Public because they are a great investment. – Joe Neubauer – Principal, Neubauer Restaurants 

“We were first introduced to Lektron in 2009. At that time we were in the process of re-designing our restaurants.  We were impressed by the unique LED lighting solutions and creative designs that Lektron offered and have been delighted to include several of their elements in our design.  Lektron has demonstrated a strong commitment to helping us build our brand.  The team provides excellent customer service to our operators, they show a dedication to continuous improvement and to always delivering high-quality products.  We’ve had to work through some difficult issues together in the years since, but they have always demonstrated high-integrity and a value for win-win solutions.”   – Tyler Pronyk, Director, Distribution, Equipment & Packaging – A&W Food Services of Canada Inc.

“As an installer, I take notice in the quality of the materials I work with. The Lektron Boomerang is expertly designed and fabricated. Lektron takes great pride in taking care of their customers and producing a high quality product. It takes attention to detail when installing, but when done correctly, the customer has a brightly lit addition to their building that draws attention! It has been nothing but a great experience working with the Lektron LED team. I look forward to completing many more installations of the Lektron Boomerang!” – Gary Vaux, Owner – Pacific Island Projects, Ladysmith, Vancouver Island

“Our hotel visibility increased 100%…when a customer is coming to the hotel, we just say ‘Hey follow that green LED light’…and it brings them straight to the hotel.” – Robert Patel, Courtyard Marriott

“We installed Lektron Led lighting over 10 years ago across the front our building. The lighting has performed flawlessly! It not only looks great, but it also stands up to very volatile Northeast weather and temperature conditions. Thank you Lektron for your high quality standards!” – Carello’s Carousel Arcade, Sylvan Beach, New York


“Our hotel visibility increased 100%…when a customer is coming to the hotel, we just say ‘Hey follow that green LED light’…and it brings them straight to the hotel.” – Robert Patel, Courtyard Marriott


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