An LED illuminated light band can distinguish a business among its competition and can even become a vital part of a company’s brand identity. Our extensive client list can attest to this. At Lektron, we specialize in creating unique components for all of our light bands depending on the client’s individual needs.

Some of these components are:

• A special radius LED band that is installed onto a retail petroleum fuel island canopy

• A backlit LED band installed onto the storefront fascia of a convenience store

• A vertical LED parapet band that installs at the top of the building parapet and illuminates brightly as it sits at the top of the structure

• A backlit LED band that is installed around the outside perimeter of a restaurant building

• An LED wall wash

Contact our team at and let us help you design the right light band for your project.

Installation Manuals

“Our hotel visibility increased 100%…when a customer is coming to the hotel, we just say ‘Hey follow that green LED light’…and it brings them straight to the hotel.” – Robert Patel, Courtyard Marriott