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Neon vs. LEDs

Neon vs. LEDs
July 14, 2017 Lektron Branding Solutions

Neon borders and signs have been around for quite some time. By the mid-1900s, sign shops had equipped themselves to craft custom signage out of neon. The popularity of neon signs subsequently skyrocketed and became a great way for a business to brand themselves and stand out among their competition.

Fast-forwarding to present day, technology has rapidly advanced with LEDs gaining footing and becoming an extremely reliable option for branding a business. As LED companies continue to create ways to simulate various looks with LEDs, they become a more viable option as a neon replacement.

Lektron’s LEON line started in the 1990s and continues to develop and advance to this day. What started as Phillips 66 looking for an energy efficient border light for their gas canopies has developed into a whole market for the sign industry. Since that intial light canopy, Lektron LED Technologies has been a key player in providing reliable, durable, and energy efficient border lighting for countless brands throughout the world.

Throughout the years, Lektron has crafted rigid border LEDs that simulate neon, custom LED signs that replace neon signs, and flexible LED products that can follow contours of any type. This opens a whole new world for businesses looking to take their image to the next level.

There are numerous benefits of switching to LED neon simulation:

  • Low cost/low energy – LEDs result in savings for the sign company and the end user! Actually, LEDs use 5-10 times less energy than typical neon. Less power = more savings. Another notable factor is less heat, which reduces the risk for neon fires.
  • Dependable – As LEDs have advanced, they have become brighter and longer lasting. What if we told you our Red LEON has a rated burn time of over 100,000 hours? That is just the rating BEFORE they start to lose their brightness!
  • Durable – Lektron as a company is so confident in the durability of our products that we offer an industry-leading 7 year warranty. In fact, the lifetime of LED border tubing compared to Neon when exposed to the elements is unrivaled.
  • Ease of installation – LED border lighting is extremely user friendly during installation. Have a custom radius? Need to trim it in the field to fit certain lengths? How about replacing just a small section? All of this is possible when using a Lektron LED border product, which saves you time and money.
  • Cost of maintenance – The cost to maintain LEDs is far more favorable than NEON. LED border lighting can run for years typically with no maintenance while power supplies and the diodes used for LEDs are absolute work horses.

If any of these benefits strike your interest, then you might be a good candidate for LED products for your business. Whether you’re an installer, designer, sign company, big company or small, LED border lighting can be a favorable option for your next project!