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How Custom Company Apparel Benefits Your Tulsa Business

How Custom Company Apparel Benefits Your Tulsa Business
July 3, 2019 Lektron Branding Solutions
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Have you ever noticed how many idioms we have that correlate success with clothing? 

“The clothes make the person,” “Dress for success,” and “You’ve got to dress for the job you want” are just a few that we’ve all heard at one time or another.

And when you stop to think about it, it does feel good to have on a sharp suit, professional uniform, or a custom branded company tshirt.

But why?

As it turns out, the clothing that we wear has a very real mental and emotional impact on us.

And there’s some pretty solid science that explains why clothing is so intimately tied to self-esteem, professional confidence, and even our ability to think clearly.

With clothing being such a big influence on how we as individuals think, feel, and act, this can naturally have a large impact on your staff’s day-to-day performance, and ultimately, your business.

So let’s dive in and get a better grasp of these effects and understand how custom apparel meaningfully impacts your Tulsa business and how it can even affect an increase in customer satisfaction and overall company performance.

How Custom Company Apparel Benefits Your Tulsa Company and Workforce

It doesn’t matter whether we’re at home or in the workplace, the clothes we wear — especially those that make us feel like we’re a part of a team — change how we perceive ourselves.

And when you and your staff are outfitted with custom company apparel that magnifies the mission and professionalism of your brand, these personal effects echo throughout your company.

Company apparel makes your staff feel more knowledgeable and capable.

When we wear clothing that looks professional or makes us feel like we’re a part of something we believe in, we naturally feel more knowledgeable and capable.

And these powerful effects persist — even if we’re wearing the clothing of a profession we don’t belong to! 

In a 2012 Northwestern University study, researchers had participants engage in a series of attention-related tasks designed to study how well they could maintain their focus when trying to retain large sets of information.

After the initial test, the participants were asked to take a new version of the exam, but with one variable changed: This time, they had to wear a lab coat.

Each and every time, the participants scored higher and showed greater levels of carefulness, attention to detail, and overall confidence in their ability to perform well on the test.

And we can see these very same effects mirrored in company-branded apparel. 

Through your team’s custom clothing, which inspires the feelings of belonging and capability, your staff recognizes their role in the mission of your company. 

More importantly, they recognize their ability to exercise their knowledge and talents to accomplish goals.

Their clothing symbolizes their belonging and that they’re capable of helping people, bolstering their confidence in themselves and in the expertise, products, and services your company provides.



Company apparel helps reinforce and strengthen company culture.

At its core, your company’s culture is a reflection of your founding mission, guiding virtues, and the day-in-and-day-out principles by which you conduct business and engage with the community.

And when your company’s culture is strong and based on ethical standards, your company’s t-shirts, hats, hoodies aren’t merely items of clothing that sport your logo. 

They’re a source of invigoration and inspiration for your staff, reminding them why they believe in your brand, and why they serve their customers who’ve placed their trust in them.

By continually strengthening your company’s culture — through your workplace attire, consistent conduct, and customer service — you build a brand whose culture attracts talent and faithful customers.

Company apparel helps increase staff productivity and job satisfaction.

The United States workforce is facing a profound crisis of anxiety and lack of self-confidence.

And this has a far-reaching negative impact on every business, as self-confidence is a foundational factor in one’s workplace performance.

But through branded apparel acting as an amplifier for your company’s culture, you can help that confidence take root.

Your clothing reaffirms within your staff that they’re valued, capable and that they’re an integral part of the mission of your company.

With their confidence bolstered, your workforce will naturally begin to perform at a higher level over time — and with higher levels of job satisfaction.

Company apparel strengthens culture and creates a consistent emotional experience for customers.

How Custom Company Apparel Affects Your Customers and Sales Performance

Though your brand’s apparel can have a remarkable impact on your staff and their productivity, it’s with your customers that your apparel has the strongest impact.

Company apparel positively influences customers’ perception of your brand.

In business, just as in life, first impressions are huge. 

Your customers are soaking up every signal you, your business, and your staff are giving off — even down to the shoes you’re wearing.

By outfitting yourself and your staff in custom branded apparel, you give yourself a huge leg up when making that all-important first impression.

When your prospective customers interact with knowledgable staff members who are dressed uniformly and professionally, their perception of your business’s quality dramatically increases.

And from that immediately positive brand perception comes a greatly increased likelihood of them choosing to do business with you, rather than your competition.

Company apparel helps reinforce consistency, helping attract more business.

Regardless of how long they’ve done business with your company, your customers want to know that they can rely on receiving a consistent experience.

While your customer service and product quality are paramount, consistent visual branding is a foundational part of establishing the predictable emotional experiences your customers expect.

When that expectation is met, the results are clear: Regardless of industry, if you’re consistent in what you deliver, you’ll see positive reviews and repeat sales on the uptick.

Company Apparel: Consistent Confidence, Culture, and Service

You’ve built a strong, reliable company by treating your workforce right, providing consistent experiences, and by building a culture that honors your relationship with your customers and the Tulsa community.

And as we’ve seen together, your company’s apparel, when done right, can be so much more than just clothing.