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VibraLine® Rigid LED Lighting: No Sags/Gaps & Easy Install

Grow Your Margins on Every Project. Help Your Customers Grow Their Sales.

Amplify Your Brand. Attract More Customers. Save Big on Installation and Labor.

VibraLine’s simple installation, coupled with its seamless & gapless lighting, and its rugged durability make it one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to amplify your brand and attract more customers.

Unmatched Ease of Installation

Unmatched Ease of Installation

Our revolutionary surface mount technology makes installation a breeze.

Fast & Easy Ordering Fit to Your Project

Fast & Easy Ordering Fit to Your Project

Our streamlined ordering process ensures your only get exactly what your project needs.

The Most Seamless Lighting Technology on the Market

The Most Seamless Lighting Technology on the Market

With endcaps 1/10th the size of the closest competitor, your lighting is truly seamless.

Lower Labor & Maintenance Costs.

Higher Margins. Lower Labor Costs.

VibraLine's easy installation and rugged durability saves you money on labor and maintenance.

Available Colors







Let’s Use VibraLine® to Attract More Customers & Grow Your Sales

Talk with our architectural LED lighting experts to learn how VibraLine® can help you stand out from your competitors and earn you more business.

Specially Engineered to Create the Most Seamless Lighting Experience


VibraLine’s endcaps are 1/10th the size of the leading competitors, creating a truly seamless lighting & color experience day or night. And sporting the largest diameter tube of all our rigid LEDs, your customers’ will command attention.

    • 85% more energy efficient than neon.
    • Up to 70,000+ hour lifespan.
    • Create stunning wall wash effects.

Hands-on Support Right When You Need It

We don’t just ship it and forget it — our team of product experts, designers, and support specialists are with you every step of the way.

100% US-based Support

Every member of our team is located right here in Tulsa, OK, ensuring that the support you need comes from those who
know your products inside and out.

Call or Click

Our support team is available over-the-phone or online, ensuring you get the installation help, documentation, and
support you need right when you need it.

No Job too Big or Too Small

Facing a complex project that needs a custom touch? We’re ready to roll up our sleeves and create custom solutions that
fit your needs.

Hands-on Support Right When You Need It

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