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With over 30 years experience creating real estate marketing signage, we understand the importance of sign design and placement and the impact it has on a buyer’s first impression. A sign must convey professionalism and trust while communicating a clear and concise message of what you are offering. In addition, a well built sign is made of high quality, durable materials that will stand up against both weather and wear.

Lektron Branding Solutions is the only company in Northeast Oklahoma that fabricates residential signs from scratch creating the highest quality real estate signage in the industry. We start with 20’ sticks of ½” steel round rod and sheets of 22 gauge galvanized steel. Next, we powder coat the finished frames and sign panels. Depending upon quantity and the number of colors in your design, panels are either screen printed using UV cured inks or digitally printed on our HP flatbed printer.  We also offer a variety of sizes for both residential and commercial property signage.

Some examples of real estate marketing signage include: